What Character Do You Play On A First Date?

When you go on a first date, which character do you put on?  Life is like a stage and in different situations, we put forth a different facet of ourselves.  When we go for an interview, we are professional; when we meet our significant others’ parents, we are polite.  So, which facet of yourself do … Continue reading

Ice Skating, Wine Tasting and Fashion Show This Weekend in LA

Is it me or does it look like whatever NY has to offer, LA tries to outdo?  This weekend, LA’s W Hotel – Westwood is hosting their last Chill: Ice Skating And Cocktails party.  They transformed their WET Bar and backyard restaurant into an ice skating rink.  BUT, you can also snuggle up in a … Continue reading

Activities for This Weekend – NYC

The winter does not bode well for much outdoor activities.  Fortunately, there is still ice skating.  For those who don’t know, this weekend (1/24) will bring free ice skating at The Pond in Bryant Park to an end.  The Pond is NYC’s first and only free admission ice skating rink.  However, skate rentals are $12 … Continue reading

Breaking The Dating Ground

You know when you go out and you drink a lot, you don’t really need to go to the bathroom until you had more drinks than you can count?  But, after your break the seal and make your first trip to the bathroom, every drink thereafter seems to bring your bladder to the brink of … Continue reading