The Eee Slate

My boyfriend just got me the new iPad2 for my birthday and already my greedy heart is eyeing a new crush.  The Microsoft Eee Slate. It’s basically a tablet capable of doing everything a real laptop could do sans a physical keyboard (sold separately???). What I like about it is its ability to remote into … Continue reading

A Gift Idea For Your Long Distance Sweetheart

I think this would make a great gift for your significant other, especially the long-distance ones.  For more ideas, check out All the New Yorkers who read this morning’s AM New York know this already, but those deprived of this free newspaper may not, and I hope this may be of interest to all … Continue reading

So This Is What Happens When Your Wife Leaves You

Tony Alleyne’s Star Trek Home What exactly happens when your wife leaves you?  Build the ultimate bachelor pad with a Star Trek theme, of course?!?! Telegraph did an awesome piece today on Tony Alleyne, a man who converted his 500 sqft flat (apartment for those unfamiliar with the European, Australian, and I think NZ terminology) … Continue reading