Table For One

My friend and I were meeting for dinner the other night.  In true Annie (name has been changed) fashion, she was late.  Why didn’t I plan accordingly?  Because I wasn’t thinking.  As if cued to humiliate me, the maitr;d showed me to the bar and for the first oh, 15 minutes or so, I was … Continue reading

What Is Love?

Eventually you come across one single person who deems past lovers endearing lessons on everything undesired. Old relationships seem merely practice runs for this final, epically beautiful union. This new person brings to the surface sharper and greater feelings than ever experienced; love evokes a heightened sense of pain and compassion in sad times, while … Continue reading

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm

In a witty and humorous talk, Mary Roach enlightens the audience with 10 obscure facts about orgasms that we may or may not know.  Some date back centuries ago that still hold today.  This may be a long video but Mary’s entertaining and informing research is definitely worth the time.  This is truly brilliant and … Continue reading

If You Want To Be Independent, Then You Don’t Want To Be In A Relationship

The more I search for dating and relationship advice, the more I notice a recurring theme in advice articles for women.  Whether it’s relationship experts or random opinion-givers, everyone is encouraging women to reclaim their independence.  I am convinced that this is one of the main reasons so many women are single and are having … Continue reading