What Is Love?

Eventually you come across one single person who deems past lovers endearing lessons on everything undesired. Old relationships seem merely practice runs for this final, epically beautiful union. This new person brings to the surface sharper and greater feelings than ever experienced; love evokes a heightened sense of pain and compassion in sad times, while love amplifies simple, happy moments into profoundly joyous, momentous occasions. The ocean smells sweeter, puppies are cuter, sobs more violent, and flowers radiate transcendent vibrance.

No obstacle seems too great, no adventure is avoided, and no puzzle too confusing because you have an equal force willing to share the hardships as well as the pleasant times. Nothing is to be feared because fear becomes nonexistent. Petty arguments never happen, wandering eyes are set straight, and personality traits meld completely, yet with each person maintaining their sense of individuality. Love means compromise  without compromising self. You stay in bed all day exploring one another physically and emotionally until realization sets in that you have found that person in which every element of each other’s body, soul, and mind fits perfectly. The Rubik’s Cube has been completed.

No one has any way of knowing if there is truly only one soul mate for each person. If blinding drunk love lasts less than a day for some, it still is the most beautiful experience. Here’s to hoping that feeling does last longer than a day, and you meet the right person with which every moment until death brings butterflies to your heart.


Contributed by: Liv Hauck.  Liv is an amazing writer whose interest in literature, fashion, interior design, music, travel and anything else she fancies makes her blog, Dessert or Disaster, an interesting and diverse read.

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5 Responses to “What Is Love?”
  1. inkgwen says:

    Beautifully put…here’s to hoping…

  2. “The ocean smells sweeter, puppies are cuter, sobs more violent, and flowers radiate transcendent vibrance.” You won’t see me writing this but very nicely written Pillow. Haha.

    • pillowchats says:

      Thanks but I didn’t write this piece. I wish I was that poetic. It was contributed by Liv Hauck. I fell in love with those words as well and wanted to share it with everyone.

      The link to her site is after the post. Check it out.

  3. Cincy says:

    Thanks for sharing this piece. Great site.

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