Sorry Guys, Megan Fox Is Officially Hitched!

Sorry guys, looks like Megan Fox married her on-again, off-again fiance Brian Austin Green June 24th at the Four Seasons in the Big Island of Hawaii.  It was a nice, romantic and intimate wedding ceremony.  Apparently, the wedding was so hush-hush that people were swore to secrecy – like any other celebrity wedding, I suppose! … Continue reading

Catch A Tiger By The Toe

I know I am not supposed to be entertained by the whole “scandal” surrounding Tiger Woods these days, but I am.  Yes, its tragic when grown-ups can’t be grown-ups, and its even more tragic that, out of the group of people who have discussed this small news item with me, no one was surprised.  In … Continue reading

Lying About Their Intentions

On this week’s Bachelorette (does anyone still watch the show religiously?), Jillian confronted Wes about his girlfriend situation.  Wes, a striving musician, was alleged of going on the show to promote himself and his band.  That alone, is fine, but the gist is that he trifled with two girl’s hearts, lying to his girlfriend about … Continue reading