Fine dining in NYC

NYC has always been a Mecca for foodies, especially for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Unfortunately, not all fine dining are created equal and with a limited budget, it’s nice to know what to expect from the various institutions and what not to expect from others. I will begin with five that … Continue reading

24/7 Cafeteria

If you were having a big night out, sober enough to want to finish off the night with some fatty food, and don’t care for the service, since you are too gone to care, then Cafeteria is the place for you! The décor was trendy, and modern so you will still feel as if you … Continue reading

Brunch at Cookshop – Worth The Wait?

When you see a crowd waiting for a table outside at this spacious, open, loft-like space on a Saturday afternoon, your expectations run high. The décor was very clean, with big windows that open up to an outdoor seating area. Had the view from the big windows and the outdoor seating area been anything but … Continue reading

Hail Korilla BBQ Truck

Having had the opportunity to taste both the famed Kogi BBQ Truck in LA and the new Korilla BBQ Truck in NYC, I can honestly and unbiasedly say: Korilla BBQ Truck wins. Hands down! We serendipitously stumbled on the Korilla BBQ Truck at 7:30pm tonight somewhere in Chelsea (it’s all a wonderful vague memory now, … Continue reading