Insecure Men Dating Hot Girls

I met up with a friend and his new girlfriend.  She was a very sweet and “hot” girl (you want to get her in bed kinda hot – not that it needed explaining but just in case there was some room for interpretation).  I noticed that he was extremely happy.  Maybe it’s because he feels … Continue reading

What Is Love?

Eventually you come across one single person who deems past lovers endearing lessons on everything undesired. Old relationships seem merely practice runs for this final, epically beautiful union. This new person brings to the surface sharper and greater feelings than ever experienced; love evokes a heightened sense of pain and compassion in sad times, while … Continue reading

Why Dating Is Hard For Women

Dating has never been easy, especially for women. Dating in your late 20s is hard because men think you want to meet someone and get hitched immediately, which means they think you will want commitment ASAP.  That scares them. Dating in your early 30s is hard because men think you want to start having kids … Continue reading

Long Distance Loveliness And A Fetching Lard Advertisement

When I split up with my last boyfriend, I promised myself that I would never do this to myself again. Long distance relationships are, to put it bluntly, absolute cunts. Along with the usual relationship trouble, you can add in a hefty dollop of fresh, geography based strife that will eventually wear you, and your … Continue reading