Activities for This Weekend – NYC

The winter does not bode well for much outdoor activities.  Fortunately, there is still ice skating.  For those who don’t know, this weekend (1/24) will bring free ice skating at The Pond in Bryant Park to an end.  The Pond is NYC’s first and only free admission ice skating rink.  However, skate rentals are $12 and bag checks cost between $7-10.  Lockers are free but locks are $9 so bring your own.  They are open until 10pm on weeknights and open until midnight on weekends.  The rink is slightly larger if not the same size as the one in Rockfeller Center and doesn’t come with the nice statues and bright lights that surround the center, but it has the great city with a few towering trees as the backdrop.

I personally like the less groomed atmosphere and think it’s super romantic.  So, take your sweetheart and enjoy a night together skating under the stars.  Plus, the weather seems promising this weekend, which doesn’t happen too often this time of the year.

Or if falling on your butt isn’t exactly how you imagine a date, then consider Game Night.  Common Grounds, a neighborhood coffee house in Brooklyn is hosting Game Night this Friday from 7:30-9:00pm.  For anyone who ever attended or hosted game night, it’s a lot of fun and definitely very couply.  Games include Taboo (always a crowd pleaser), Chess, Spades, Uno and more.  Make sure you don’t get too competitive though, trust me, it doesn’t end the night well with your date (unless you are both crazy competitive about these things).  Common Grounds’ address is 376 Tompkins Avenue (between Putnam & Jefferson Avenues).  They are also running a promotion for Haiti.  On Saturday 1/23, if you donate money, medical supplies, etc. you will get a free cup of coffee.  Doing good AND get free coffee: what a way to start the day.


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