Asians in UCLA

I must be on a roll here with all these videos.  The dog video made me cry and these made me like, LAUGH and stuff and like blah blah blah all while I am like you know, trying to work and like stuff. Before you watch, don’t fight hate with hate. One ignorant person’s opinion … Continue reading

Ann Taylor Photoshops Models To Become Barbie Dolls

I’ve always been a fan of Ann Taylor stores because I find their clothes fit normal people.  Their clothes are cut with extra room in the butt area, the way it’s supposed to be.  But a glitch in their system transformed this already super thin and toned model (left) into something that almost looks not … Continue reading

You Alter Yourself To Fit Into Vera Wang

The summer is really a dieter’s worst foe.  Everyone wants to go eating, drinking, socializing then more eating and drinking.  The social calendar coupled with sloth is not the successful weight loss formula.  That’s why I have always admired the willpower of brides-to-be.  They have an unwavering determination to lose a few pounds / inches … Continue reading

How To Lighten A Nasty Farmer’s Tan

Unlike westerners, Asians consider fair skin to be a sign of wealth and beauty. It was believed that the wealthy didn’t have to work on farms, and get exposure to the sun so if you had fair skin, it was a sign of aristocracy, and beauty. Westerners on the other hand, think a glowing tan … Continue reading