The Science Of Sex 5

While doing some research, I noticed an overwhelming bias in favor of researching dysfunctional sexual activities in men as opposed to women.  There’s Viagra to help with erectile dysfunctions but there is nothing out there in the market of Viagra effectiveness for women.  It’s probably because for women to really enjoy sex, so many more … Continue reading

The Soft Sell – Is It A Real Date?

There will be no denying my two X chromosomes when it comes to dating.  As much as I don’t want to dissect every single statement, email, text message or smoke signal that comes my way from an attractive individual of the opposite sex, I do.  And its satisfying the same way a quick 10K run: … Continue reading

NYC Etsy Lovers: Crafts in Chelsea This Weekend

Boyfriends – if you are looking for some cool gifts to get your crafty girlfriend, this is a must go event for you to pick out that perfect gift. Etsy artists from the New York tri-state area band together to host a handmade only Street Fair. PS 11 is partnering with The {NewNew} – a … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Mr. Chow…Not Worth The Time

I was looking forward to dining at Mr. Chow, especially considering there were six establishments (including two in New York, one LA and the original in London) bearing the brand which dates back to 1968. Two and half hours after I arrived, I left feeling unsatisfied and much poorer from the experience. In fact, the … Continue reading