How much do you spend on your significant other?

With the holidays quickly approaching, coupled with a  recent incident where my friend purchased an extremely expensive present for his girlfriend to celebrate their 6 month anniversary, the question of how much do you spend on your partner came to mind.  There are two reasons why this is important. The first is the current economy.  … Continue reading

The Fixer Upper BF/GF – To Fix Or Not To Fix?

Typical of romantic comedies/chick flicks that take place in a high school, the popular guy/girl takes a nerdy girl/guy and magically transforms them into the most sought out person in school by taking off the glasses, giving them a new hair style and a trendy wardrobe.  This happens in real life too – they are … Continue reading

Catch A Tiger By The Toe

I know I am not supposed to be entertained by the whole “scandal” surrounding Tiger Woods these days, but I am.  Yes, its tragic when grown-ups can’t be grown-ups, and its even more tragic that, out of the group of people who have discussed this small news item with me, no one was surprised.  In … Continue reading

Gifts For The Boyfriend’s Mom

Shopping for your boyfriend may be hard, but shopping for your boyfriend’s mom is nearly impossible. Normally, I do not advocate getting them a present unless you are meeting them for a first time, they are inviting you to their home for the first time, or you have already met them and it’s their birthday … Continue reading