Breaking The Dating Ground

You know when you go out and you drink a lot, you don’t really need to go to the bathroom until you had more drinks than you can count?  But, after your break the seal and make your first trip to the bathroom, every drink thereafter seems to bring your bladder to the brink of explosion?  In many ways, going out and being on the prowl is very much the same.  Once you break ground, the guys keep on coming.

A bunch of friends and I went out a few weekends ago.  What I have noticed is that those girls who are in a relationship, engaged, or married are much more open to harmless flirting than single girls looking for a boyfriend.

The single girls are less likely to talk to just any random guy because 1. they don’t want to waste their time on someone they are not immediately attracted to and 2. fear of rejection from talking to someone they think is above their caliber.  Those who are attached view it differently.  They are not actually going to take anyone home so they are willing to talk to someone for the sake of a good time regardless of if the guy is good looking or not.  Not only are they having a good time but get an ego boost from flirting with guys.  As for rejection, as soon as they pull out the “I have a boyfriend/fiance/husband” card, all of a sudden, they were just being friendly but the guy didn’t recognize that because he is too stuck on himself.  He comes out like the idiot.  It’s a win-win situation.

As for the guys, they are out just to have a good time too.  Plus, girls are not exactly the nicest people at a bar so any girl who is willing to talk to a guy is welcomed!  Am I the only one who notices this?  In some ways, it’s not fair.  Those girls already have a man and yet are still competing for single guys’ attention but they are entitled to have a good time when they go out too.  After all, it is a dog-eat-dog dating world, you snooze, you lose.


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