What Character Do You Play On A First Date?

When you go on a first date, which character do you put on?  Life is like a stage and in different situations, we put forth a different facet of ourselves.  When we go for an interview, we are professional; when we meet our significant others’ parents, we are polite.  So, which facet of yourself do you portray on your first date?

We all want to leave a good impression to secure a second date.  In our efforts to do so, we may try to be what we think our date wants us to be: funny, kind, generous, smart, mature, etc.  Sure, we can secure a second date, and maybe even a third or tenth date.  Eventually though, the real us will creeps through and both parties will be disappointed.  It’s like a girl giving the impression of a larger bosom than endowed by wearing a push-up bra and then the guy is totally disappointed when he sees the goods.

Girls are not the only ones guilty of the bait and switch personality.  A friend of mine met this nice guy at a mutual friend’s party.  He was very nice, smart and had that adorable shyness about him that she loves.  They met up a few times since the party.  Their last date was when she invited him to a party she was attending.  At the party, he was a completely different person.  He became an extremely aggressive creep who tried to pressure her into something she didn’t want to do.  On top of being a creep, he also had a temper.  I suppose given his personality, not many people will be immediately drawn to it and if he were to be himself, then he will never get anywhere.  But, on the other hand, he could have saved himself a couple of nights and some money for the first few dates.

Why set yourself up for disappointment by trying to be someone else?  Isn’t it easier to be yourself and if they don’t like the real you, you are spared of the emotional roller coaster ride and time?  You may not be the funniest guy or the most fun, but there will always be someone out there who will take you for the person we are.  Every minute spent wasting our time on someone else is a minute less on this earth with the one we love and the one who gratefully returns that love.


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