The Eee Slate

My boyfriend just got me the new iPad2 for my birthday and already my greedy heart is eyeing a new crush.  The Microsoft Eee Slate. It’s basically a tablet capable of doing everything a real laptop could do sans a physical keyboard (sold separately???). What I like about it is its ability to remote into … Continue reading

Dog Protecting An Ailing Canine Friend Amidst Tsunami in Japan

This made me cry AND want to own a dog again.  Amidst tragedy, this loyal friend stayed by the side of another ailing canine friend.  Truly through thick and thin. I am humbled to be reminded about the importance of friendship, loyalty, and kindness. Luckily, both these dogs have been rescued and are recovering in … Continue reading

Made My Day – Dancing Merengue Dog

After a rough day of working, this video definitely made my day!  Hope it makes your day too!

One Apartment, 24 Rooms

This video is just too cool not to share.  A Hong Kong designer transformed his tiny 300 sqft apartment into an apartment with 20 room!  How is that possible?  Check out the video and you will find out.  The best room has GOT to be the movie theatre with the hammock. Add to: Facebook | … Continue reading