Does Society Bring Us Up To Cheat Or Divorce?

The funny thing about life is that regardless of whether we think we know what we want or whether we don’t know what we want, the end result is generally the same… that you don’t get what you want.  Where you don’t know what you want, then you don’t get what you want.  But, where … Continue reading

Mates Before Dates – Cut Your Friends Some Slack

Although I generally agree with the concept of mates before dates (d*cks before chicks, bros before ho-ho-hos, whatever terminology you prefer), I think some people take the concept too far.  Some people insist that even after their friend has a boyfriend or girlfriend, their friendship and frequency of hanging out should remain constant or altered … Continue reading

The Science Of Sex 2

This is the second edition of interesting sex factoids.  After reading this, will you be compelled to change your lifestyle?  What do you think about these factoids?  Let us know. It’s a known fact: most people enjoy sex.  But, if you are one of the few people who don’t enjoy sex, maybe this might entice … Continue reading

San Fran: 2nd Annual Redwood City Salsa Festival

Redwood City’s Salsa Festival guarantees a fun-filled day of tongue-tingling salsa, activities, music, entertainment, food, beverages, and a good time from 12pm – 8 pm. Amateur and professional Salsa chefs will compete for fun, prizes, and Salsa Glory at the mouth watering and exciting Salsa Tasting & Competition, where the public takes part in the … Continue reading