Le Fooding Is Coming To NYC – Get Your Tickets Now

Le Fooding is an organization started in 2000 in France by two journalists who wanted to bring extraordinary food to the people minus the extraordinary prices.  The famous event is making it’s way to NYC via a two day food-fest held at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center.  The event will take place on Sept. 25th and 26th … Continue reading

11 Places To Meet Successful, Single and Beautiful Women

I look around at my single girl friends and it baffles me why they are single.  They are beautiful, intelligent, and successful.  It must be because eligible bachelors don’t know where to find them.  So I put together a list of places these single ladies are most likely to be spotted. Grocery stores – though … Continue reading

Love Is Like A Corn Field

True Love is like a cornfield. All the men/women you will ever meet in your life are corn cobs in the field of corns. At the end across the field, you need to choose ONE cob. You choose the perfect, best, most beautiful, and most suitable corn cob. You cannot go back nor acquire one … Continue reading

Arguing Can Be Healthy For Your Relationship

Whoever said that love should be easy is wrong or really lucky.  A relationship is hard work.  You are constantly compromising, arguing, forgiving, overlooking and so much more.  My relationship, for example, is pretty hard work. My boyfriend and I argue – a lot.  We are both very opinionated and stubborn, so when we disagree, … Continue reading