Love Is Like A Corn Field

True Love is like a cornfield. All the men/women you will ever meet in your life are corn cobs in the field of corns. At the end across the field, you need to choose ONE cob. You choose the perfect, best, most beautiful, and most suitable corn cob. You cannot go back nor acquire one as you move along. So you take your first few steps, you come across a few decent corn cobs, but you move on. Next, you finally find the “close to perfect” corn cob. But you think to yourself, “I’m not even half-way through, there must be a better quality cob ahead.” So you give up that cob and continue. As you get closer and closer to the end of the field, you begin to think that some of the first few corn cobs were the best. But it is already too late to go back. You can only move ahead. Closer and closer to the end, you are forced to chose a decent one, and you regret giving up the “close to perfect” cob. The moral behind is to go with your instincts. If you think that that special someone is “close to perfect or is perfect,” please hold on, cause you will never know if you will ever meet another person as perfect as the one you’ve met earlier.


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