Arguing Can Be Healthy For Your Relationship

Whoever said that love should be easy is wrong or really lucky.  A relationship is hard work.  You are constantly compromising, arguing, forgiving, overlooking and so much more.  My relationship, for example, is pretty hard work.

My boyfriend and I argue – a lot.  We are both very opinionated and stubborn, so when we disagree, its like heaven and hell clashing.  When we tell our friends how often we argue, they usually tell us that it “shouldn’t be that hard, ” but it is.  Yet, as much as we want to strangle each other, we can never fathom being without the other.  I guess you can say our relationship has that je ne sais quoi; that mysterious, special something that keeps us together.  Basically, we are just doomed to be with each other, and for some strange reason, we probably wouldn’t want to have it any other way, argument and all – well, sometimes.

So how is arguing not tearing us apart?  As bad as it may sound, arguing is a form of communication and passion.  Arguing shows your willingness and level of comfort to reveal your most intimate thoughts in an attempt to come to a mutual understanding.  Sure, we don’t always come to a resolution when we argue, but it allows us to communicate our differences so that we may gain better appreciation of the other person’s perspectives. If you argue about something, it probably means that that something is important to both of you – passion. It’s not the best way to learn about each other, but it lets you know what is really important to your partner.

Arguments don’t necessarily have to be abusive; they can be very progressive and a progressive argument can strengthen your bond.  So who cares if other people say it shouldn’t be that way, as long as it works for you guys (and you are happy), then it works.  Every relationship works differently.


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