11 Places To Meet Successful, Single and Beautiful Women

I look around at my single girl friends and it baffles me why they are single.  They are beautiful, intelligent, and successful.  It must be because eligible bachelors don’t know where to find them.  So I put together a list of places these single ladies are most likely to be spotted.

  1. Grocery stores – though the working bachelorette eats out more than she would like, she tries to hone in on her culinary skills once in a while – Lean Cuisine it is.  The best grocery stores are Whole Foods and Trader Joes where organic and healthy goods line the shelves
  2. Home Depot – if she were attached, it would be her man in Home Depot picking up the home improvement tools, not her
  3. The park – during the summer in NYC, people flock to Central Park like the birds flock to the south during winter.  Again, if she is attached, she will likely be with her boyfriend, otherwise, she is probably single
  4. Interest class – pick up a hobby and take a class for it whether it’s language, photography, dance, cooking or baking; there are bound to be a lot of single ladies.  I took a photography class recently and out of my class of 15, 14 were women.  One class you might want to steer clear from is ballroom dancing as people who take that class are usually couples
  5. Birthday parties – this is the best place to meet someone.  You already know they are not weird because your friend pre-screened her already.  She’s obviously cool, attractive, smart and not annoying enough to make it on the invite list.  Plus you already have something in common – the birthday boy or girl
  6. Volunteer events – a girl with a big heart and passionate about a cause you care for?  It can’t get better than that
  7. The vet / pet store / park – women love their pets and like to pamper them with toys, clothing, and other spa-like products.  The park, pet shop or the vet are great places to meet ladies, especially if they need to be consoled because their baby is sick
  8. Airport lounges – if she is successful with a high-flying career, then she probably travels quite a bit for work or pleasure.  If she is flying solo to a place like the Caribbean, then she is probably meeting up with her girl friends there, which means she is single
  9. Wine bar – I went to a wine bar with some of my single girl friends this past weekend and I was blown away by how many girls were there.  Surely, there were people on dates but the overwhelming majority were women.  Why not go to a wine bar and try your chances while sipping on a nice glass of wine
  10. Shopping – every girl likes to go shopping.  Try stores like H&M, Forever 21, Bloomingdales, SAKS and ask a girl for her opinion on something
  11. Internet – the successful woman is successful because she has a demanding career so naturally, she does not have a lot of time.  So the savvy chica will turn to the Internet to look for romance.  You have to pay for it so people who are on it are usually serious about meeting someone.

So there, you have my list.  To all the awesome single ladies out there, please tell us where you hang out, because I am sure I missed a lot of them

One Response to “11 Places To Meet Successful, Single and Beautiful Women”
  1. Juslitome says:

    Where’s the list for eligible bachelors?!!

    That’s a rhetorical question, since if you knew, you’d probably already scored eons of guys.

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