Made My Day – Dancing Merengue Dog

After a rough day of working, this video definitely made my day!  Hope it makes your day too! Advertisements

What Is Love?

Eventually you come across one single person who deems past lovers endearing lessons on everything undesired. Old relationships seem merely practice runs for this final, epically beautiful union. This new person brings to the surface sharper and greater feelings than ever experienced; love evokes a heightened sense of pain and compassion in sad times, while … Continue reading

NYC Le Fooding 2010 Tickets On Sale TONIGHT – Secret Link

Last year’s first annual Le Fooding left everyone salivating for more. The lineup for this year’s East Coast / West Coast cook-off has been announced. Representing the New York City, we have David Chang, Dan Barber, Nate Appleman, Torrisi’s Mario Carbone, Seersucker’s Bob Newton, and Vinegar Hill House’s Brian Leth. PDT’s Jim Meehan will also … Continue reading

Lessons Learned From Visiting Jersey Shore

The boyfriend and I went to Jersey Shore this weekend.  We went to a “fine dining” restaurant and something happened there that made me realize 2 things.  The maitre d’ seated us at the center of a restaurant with wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling windows.  I was not happy.  I wanted to sit by the window with the … Continue reading