How To Cheer Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Up

When you are in a relationship, and you really care for someone you tend to hurt when they hurt. If they are having a bad day, all you want to do is make it go away, and make them happy again. Unfortunately, as we grow older, more things trouble us: student loans, home mortgage, work, school, family, health, and a myriad other things; it becomes more and more difficult to brush those off and be happy again. Women call this PMS. So when my boyfriend was going through his PMS, I felt helpless. I didn’t know how to make him feel better. So, I wrapped my head to think of new ways to cheer him up. I have listed some of my ideas below. Please add to the list!

  1. Other than our monthly bills, we all like to receive mails – so, an interesting idea is to send your sweetheart a hand-written card letting them know you are there for them. A joke plus a piece of chocolate (or something small that can fit easily into an envelope) would be an added bonus
  2. Prepare a nice bubble bath for them. This is especially helpful for a girl. A bubble bath with some bath salt, rose petals, a glass of wine, and maybe some cheese and grapes would be divine
  3. Arrange for some of their closest girl friends or guy friends to go out drinking, or get their nails done
  4. When someone is sad, the last thing they are concerned about is eating. Have their favorite restaurant deliver their favorite meal to their home / office (if they are working late)
  5. Sometimes people just want to be alone or are not huge talkers.  A hug without saying anything sometimes carry more meaning than 1,000 words

How do you cheer your boyfriend/girlfriend up when they are feeling down?

3 Responses to “How To Cheer Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Up”
  1. kwonstein says:

    Preparing a bubble bath, that’s something I haven’t heard of before in similar advice lists. A really good advice and so was the delivery of meal idea.

  2. Getagirl says:

    I’m go glad I stumbled upon your blog. It’s really entertaining and fun to read. Keep on blogging!

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