Insecure Men Dating Hot Girls

I met up with a friend and his new girlfriend.  She was a very sweet and “hot” girl (you want to get her in bed kinda hot – not that it needed explaining but just in case there was some room for interpretation).  I noticed that he was extremely happy.  Maybe it’s because he feels really connected with her.  Or maybe he is happy to have someone to share life with.  Nope, it was just because she was hot and he gets an ego boost every time he walks into a restaurant/bar with her on his arm.  He revels in thinking that other guys are envious of him because he is accompanied by a hot girl.

This makes the guy feel great, but how does it make said hot girl feel?  Would she enjoy the attention she is getting from him because of her looks?  If the relationship continues, one can assume that he develops romantic feelings for her beyond her looks.  But, since he was attracted to her looks first and personality second, would she wonder if he would leave her when she gets old and wrinkly?  Then again, attraction IS what draws us to talk to someone before we can even get to know them so I would assume they wouldn’t care.

Yet, if you look around, there are a lot of single “hot” girls.  They are dumped after a certain stage when the guy feels uncomfortable with how attractive she is and the unwanted attention she brings.  The guy may also feel like he wants a homey wife (a traditional image of one) and not a hot one, making this hot girl unmarriable.  Either way, a guy will pride himself with the trophy girlfriend but he is not secure in himself to handle a trophy “wife”.  Isn’t that interesting?

Women on the other hand, don’t gloat about a gorgeous boyfriend; rather, they compete on other things like what their boyfriend got them for Christmas, Valentines Day, etc.  Materialistic, much?  Yes, we are not saints either.  Hey, we all have our vices.


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