Marrying Young Is Good?

I want to bring everyone’s attention to this really amazing article published in Washington Post yesterday.  It is somewhat lengthy, but worth the time.  For those who do not wish to expend the time and energy to reading it, I have extrapolated the main points that I find are most accurate, insightful, and noteworthy. Young … Continue reading

The Courage To Start Over Without Him

I penned this on behalf of a friend, who wanted to let everyone know that the pain will stop, and you will find happiness again. ***** Six months ago, I was, or I thought I was, in a stable relationship with my boyfriend of four years, my first REAL love. Sure, we were not as … Continue reading

Observation: The Role Of Best Man…And It’s Side Benefits

Many people claim that a wedding is the best place to meet someone, though all the weddings I attended, almost everyone was coupled up. Anyhow, my friend was recently the Best Man at a wedding, and he swears that the title brings some unexpected benefits. The title gave my friend a whole new identity; a … Continue reading

Dating The Ex’s Friend

We see it on TV all the time – on Friends, Rachael dated Ross, then Ross’ best friend Joey, and ultimately ends up with Ross again. It seems so easy for people on TV, yet many people in “real life” always wonder if it is OK to date an ex’s friend or a friend’s ex. … Continue reading