There’s Sex Therapy, And Then There’s Sex Surrogacy

Many of us have heard of sex therapy, but I think very few have heard of sexual surrogacy.  A sexual surrogate is basically someone who makes a living by sleeping with other people in a therapeutic and healing atmosphere to overcome problems in the bedroom – and it’s LEGAL.  Mare Simone, 54 (yup, that’s not a typo), is one such sexual surrogate.  She devotes her life to helping both men and women overcome sexual issues.

I don’t mean to disrespect this line of “work” but a few things come to mind.  The first is that the prostitution industry has it wrong this WHOLE time.  It looks like all they need to do is slap on a therapist title and it becomes legal.  The second is why would anyone do this?  I guess you and I may be fine with our insecurities, but it affects some people so much that it makes a normal sexual relationship unbearable.  The third is I want to clarify that not all girls are bi-sexual – isn’t there a male sexual surrogate out there, why are straight women going to another woman for this type of treatment?  Sorry to disappoint guys.

Apparently, most of the men who see Mare have problems with erection and premature ejaculation while her women clientele have problems with achieving orgasms.  Her sessions seem innocent enough – it starts with a conversation to discuss the issues, followed by a mirror exercise where the client and Mare take off their clothes and try to get comfortable with their bodies, then she proceeds with a front body massage where she will show them how to please themselves, and finally, they put what they learned to practice – which may or may not mean sex.  While her client list runs in the ten thousands, she “only” had penetrative “therapy” with about 1,500.

Side note: For those who watch Showtimes’ “Diaries Of A Call Girl,” there was an episode where a husband and wife’s anniversary present to each other was a call girl and call boy (is that what they are called?).  While the call boy was “doing his job” with the wife, the husband got so turned on watching his wife being pleased, that he pushed the call boy aside and started pleasuring his wife himself.  I wonder, I wonder.  That’s food for thought.


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