You Alter Yourself To Fit Into Vera Wang

The summer is really a dieter’s worst foe.  Everyone wants to go eating, drinking, socializing then more eating and drinking.  The social calendar coupled with sloth is not the successful weight loss formula.  That’s why I have always admired the willpower of brides-to-be.  They have an unwavering determination to lose a few pounds / inches by their wedding and most importantly, are usually very successful.

Armed with the ambition to tone up (and my boyfriend’s not so subtle innuendos), I gave myself a placebo wedding date.  Unlike the brides-to-be, I am unsuccessful.  Somehow it’s not a placebo since I know about “the placebo”.

But, why are brides so eager to lose weight?  Yes, it’s to look fabulous on the biggest day of their life.  Yes, it’s because they want to feel healthier as they take their first step into holy matrimony.  But, most importantly, like the famous “Bride Wars” movie quote: “You don’t alter a Vera Wang, you alter yourself to fit into a Vera Wang“.  THAT is the very reason so many girls are pushing themselves.  Designers have been making more revealing dresses.  These revealing dresses push the normal, typical girl over the edge to become more like the anorexic girls that model the dresses in magazines.

As much I don’t want to be that girl, I think it’s almost unavoidable.  You either look swollen in your wedding pictures, the ones that cost you a few body parts, or you diet.  How do you feel about that?  Would you alter yourself to fit into a wedding dress?

4 Responses to “You Alter Yourself To Fit Into Vera Wang”
  1. liv hauck says:

    while i agree mostly, i don’t think it’s far to make the assumption that the girls who model the dresses are anorexic. not all models are anorexic! they might be super thin, but as a girl who is naturally thin, that automatically deem us “anorexic”. that’s a big word to throw around.

    the sentiment of this post is spot on though. women should be marrying someone who loves her for who she is. dieting for a wedding day is unhealthy and superficial! being healthy is great. trying to transform into someone you’re not just to fit into a dress is NOT great.

  2. liv hauck says:

    i don’t think it’s fair*

  3. GC says:

    I did it. But I had gotten comfortable in the relationship and put on a few pounds. So it was alright by me to hit the gym hard and curb the snacking. I looked the best I’d ever looked and have been trying to get back to that weight ever since.

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