Ann Taylor Photoshops Models To Become Barbie Dolls

I’ve always been a fan of Ann Taylor stores because I find their clothes fit normal people.  Their clothes are cut with extra room in the butt area, the way it’s supposed to be.  But a glitch in their system transformed this already super thin and toned model (left) into something that almost looks not human (right).   The Ann Taylor’s photoshopped version is unrealistic and further reinforces the unhealthy Barbie Doll ideal.

Especially for a firm who wants to use more models who resemble the natural beauty of women.

Then, to come back with an remorseless apology: “We want to support and celebrate the natural beauty of women, and we apologize if in the process of retouching that was lost.”  Absolutely infuriating!

P.S. To all the idiots at Ann Taylor headquarters: I think it’s safe to say most people think the natural picture is MUCH more attractive than the fake photoshopped one.  I, for one, much rather look like that than the stupid Barbie Doll on the right!

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3 Responses to “Ann Taylor Photoshops Models To Become Barbie Dolls”
  1. Brett says:

    I’m confused. You said it was a “glitch” but your outrage sounds premised on the assumption that the manipulation was intentional. Which was it?

    • pillowchats says:

      The photoshopped image was intentional but the glitch in the system was that it accidentally showed the pre-photoshopped picture slowly transitioning to the photoshopped version; you see the model have inches taken off her waist before your very eyes.

  2. GC says:

    she was already quite thin

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