Do All Men Have Commitment Issues?

I was having drinks with several male friends last night. One of whom is a father of three girls and strongly disapproves of me living with my boyfriend because I am contributing to this bad precedent. He proceed to ask me when my boyfriend and I were planning to get married, but before I could even respond, another friend chimed in and retorts “how do you know it’s not her who doesn’t want to get married yet”.

That statement alone got me thinking about several things. Firstly, the second friend’s retort implied that people always assume women are the ones more eager to tie the knot. I guess given my age, it’s not a completely outrageous assumption, but an unfair one nonetheless. In this day and age, most girls are not as concerned about getting married. Afterall, cougarism is becoming more mainstream, and I too, can get myself a young piece of…you know. The more daunting concern is having children, not getting married.

Secondly, is it so universally understood that most men have commitment problems that everyone automatically assumes men delay growing up, assuming responsibilities, and tying the knot? Is this commitment reason (regardless of its source: waiting for something better, not financially ready, etc.) so universal that regardless of the relationship at discussion, it’s always the man who wants to stay single?

One Response to “Do All Men Have Commitment Issues?”
  1. Juslitome says:

    I wish I knew, but that’s a whole other reason why women go for older men. The presumed message behind older men is that they’re ready to settle down, while younger men tend to be on the prowl. It seems unfair, but unfortunately, it’s also pretty much the generalized truth.

    While I have seen my share of guys who are into long term relationships, I have also seen a lot more guys who are looking for a fun fling. Those are the ones girls need to be on the fence about.

    And ladies, honestly, you’re not going to meet these settling individuals in clubs or bars. Give it up already.

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