A trip to Little Rock, Memphis and Nashville

Little Rock, home to… well President Clinton and it has… hmmm, just about nothing? Not to hate on the city, but it was the starting point of a short road-trip adventure we partook in from Little Rock, Arkansas to Nashville, Tennessee with a stop at Memphis.

We stayed at the Peabody Hotel – Little Rock which is known for its duck ceremony. We thought that we would be in for a treat, but were disappointed when the duck ceremony was merely several ducks walking on the red carpet from the elevators into the pond/water feature in the middle of the hotel. However, all is not lost in Little Rock. There is a fantastic barbecue restaurant called Whole Hog Café, which you should venture out to. It is probably the best BBQ I had. You should get a little bit of everything because it is all tender and juicy, but if you are trying to limit your intake, try the ribs but skip out on the brisket and sides (which are average). Alongside your meal, be sure to sample the 6 different sauces they have. So what else is there in Little Rock? Outside of the Clinton library that we did not venture to (we were too cheap to pay the entrance fee) I don’t think there is really that much else to see in Little Rock.

Next stop: Memphis, Tennessee. If you are in Memphis, then visiting Graceland, the home of the king is an absolute must, even though the idea of forking out $30 per person to see his home is a bit obnoxious. Before we had arrived there, I imagined stepping into a home kind of like the ones you see on MTV’s Cribs. In reality, it is quite modest in comparison to these MTV homes, but I guess that’s a sign of the times. As you walk through the psychedelic rooms, you can imagine yourself there with the King, sitting at his dining room table or sitting on his lounge in party room. Much of the original house has been kept exactly as it was left, but some of the buildings on the rest of the land had been modified to showcase his work, awards and clothing. My boyfriend would add that across the road from his home is his plane (pretty cool) and his car collection, which if you are a guy, you have to check out since it’s a great collection of vintage cars that have been preserved in a great state.

In Nashville, we stayed at Hermitage. This is a really fantastic hotel where the rooms are really luxurious with all the accessories you would expect from a 5-star hotel: in-room spa, dual bathroom basins, soft bed lining, tons of pillows with very fine threaded linens and a big flat screen TV. The hotel bar at Hermitage is fantastic and is a great place to congregate before you head out for the evening.

Our friends, who are Nashville locals, introduced us to a trendy restaurant called Sambuca. The live music was great, but the food was average. Next stop is Broadway Street where you’ll fine a great collection of bars (Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, Second Fiddle and others) that play live country music and you can dance the night away.

The next morning, we ventured out (and by venture, it is a lengthy drive) to a brunch place called Loveless Cafe… it was supposed to be a fantastic place for brunch and we were looking forward to the fried chicken. The line was long and so we thought we were in for a treat. The fried chicken was fantastic! But, the other dishes weren’t as great we we had hoped (or were maybe more ordinary than we had expected). Maybe it was just the day we went and we hope that next time around our opinion will be swayed.

So we didn’t get to fully explore Memphis (heard there’s a fantastic barbecue restaurant there) and could have definitely spent some more time parting it up in Nasville, but it was definitely a worthwhile roadtrip.


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