24/7 Cafeteria

If you were having a big night out, sober enough to want to finish off the night with some fatty food, and don’t care for the service, since you are too gone to care, then Cafeteria is the place for you! The décor was trendy, and modern so you will still feel as if you were still our partying with your friends. And, it’s open 24 hours!

But, if you are looking for a nice meal, then you are better off looking elsewhere. The food was actually decent for the value; it’s the service that annoyed me. We were a party of three on a Sunday night, and were told to wait by the bar because they didn’t have any tables available. While at a bar, we saw that they had two tables that could seat 6, and two 2-seater tables next to each other available. I asked the maitre d’ why we weren’t seated at those tables. Her off-putting response was that they need to reserve those tables for parties of 2 and parties of 6, and we would need to wait for a table reserved for 3-4 people. Mind you, there was no mob pounding on the doors.

When we finally got seated, we were left to rot for about 15 minutes before the waiter finally decided to grace us with his presence. He was inattentive, unhelpful, and asking for a smile from him is like pulling teeth. We dropped a fork at one point, and knew it was the end of that person eating.

The drinks and food were decent. I had the Mac Attack, the Fish ‘n Chips, and the Pork Loin. With the Mac Attack, you get to sample their 3 Mac and Cheese (Truffle Oil, Cheddar and Fontina, and Smoked Gouda and bacon); our favorite was definitely the one with Truffle Oil! The first bite of the Fish ‘n Chips was good, but after the first 3 bites, I started to feel sick because it was too oily. The truffle fries were delicious, but also drenched in oil. The pork loin was good, but nothing to write home about.

Overall, the restaurant was pretty decent, but the service was bad enough to deter me from being a regular.


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