Hail Korilla BBQ Truck

Having had the opportunity to taste both the famed Kogi BBQ Truck in LA and the new Korilla BBQ Truck in NYC, I can honestly and unbiasedly say: Korilla BBQ Truck wins. Hands down!

We serendipitously stumbled on the Korilla BBQ Truck at 7:30pm tonight somewhere in Chelsea (it’s all a wonderful vague memory now, but you can follow them on twitter). Needless to say, they were sold out of half the menu by that time so we couldn’t try the chompers (aka, sliders). BUT, we had the bulgogi burrito with bacon fried rice, summer kimchi, an orange mayo, a bit of hot sauce topped with lettuce. It was so delicious that we couldn’t wait to dig in. My boyfriend and I shared ONE burrito. Amateur mistake! We were fighting for the last bite! Everything from the toasty warm wrap to the meat to the rice was surreal; all for the price of $7!

These were the things that were sold out, which means it’s good, which means it’s on my ‘to try’ list: Chompers and pulled pork.  The chicken wasn’t very popular with the crowd tonight.

I am definitely going to keep an eye out for this truck and you should too.

p.s. If you ask me, they can definitely speed up their assembly line operation a bit.  They were a tad slow on the serving side.

p.p.s.  They deliver too!  Check out their website for more information.

The Korilla Truck Menu


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