Favorite Eats in Chelsea

Since moving to our neighborhood a year and a half ago, I must admit, I have not ventured to enough restaurants in the area.  Of the ones we did go to, most have been disappointing, but two stands out as exceptionally good.  Tre Dici, an eclectic Italian restaurant is a local favorite with clean, minimalist décor.  Chef Giuseppe Fanelli perfects the Southern Italian pastas with recipes from his mother.  So far, we have taken two guests there for dinner and they both loved it!  The food mirrors the décor, very simple yet tasteful.  Depending on what you order, it can be a little rich, but tasty nonetheless.  The menu is constantly changing so it’s hard to recommend a dish but generally speaking anything pasta with beef or seafood is really good.  Even though the food is good, the absolute number one reason I dine here over and over again is their dessert!  Simply speaking, their 20-layer crepe cake is heaven; everything from the fluffy cream in between the layers to the caramelized banana on the side is delectable.  The panna cotta is also very unique.  It has bits of raisins in it that gives it an added umph.  Warning: skip the appetizer and non-pasta entrees (they are not worth it) and order one dessert each; trust me, you won’t want to share after your first bite!  You will also notice there is a Tre Dici Steak.  It’s basically a fancier version of the original – think Craft Bar and Craft Steak.  Tre Dici Steak is upstairs from Tre Dici and share an almost identical menu.  If you want a more intimate setting, go to Tre Dici Steak; the last time we were there, we were the only party at the restaurant.  Prices are on the higher end for Italian food.  A meal consisting of one appetizer, one entree and one dessert can cost you approximately $65


The second restaurant that stands out is Almond.  The original restaurant in Bridgehampton boasts great food in a casual, cool restaurant.  The Flatiron location is very big so would be great for large parties.  We went on a Sunday evening so there were plenty of tables and no wait time.  Still, our waiter gave us little attention.  There was a point when three of us had our entrees and waited another 10 minutes before the other two got theirs.  Service aside, the food is superb.  The dishes I recommend are the oysters, chilled lobster, steamed mussels, and short ribs.  I would ditch the octopus and very dry chorizo crusted halibut.  The mussels come in a tub of finger-licking sauce.  It’s so good that you will want to get extra bread for dipping – like we did.  I think I can say the mussels are the best I ever had in the States.  The spare rib is so tender that the meat falls off the bone by itself.  The salty octopus and overcooked halibut are memorable for all the wrong reasons.  While this is not a cheap meal, it is certainly not expensive for what you get.  If you get two appetizers (the portions are decent and are enough to satisfy our hunger) like we did, it will run approximately $30 or an appetizer plus entrée will run approximately $50.


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