Being Set-Up By My Mom

A couple of years ago, my mom’s friend wanted to introduce me to her colleague’s friend’s sister’s son. Yes, even my mom’s friends got wind of how pathetic my social life was that they felt their maternal calling to help me find a man!  At the time I was younger and my mom didn’t feel the urgency of marrying me off to start popping out grandchildren straight away so she didn’t act hastily.  She asked me if I wanted to be set up with her friend’s colleague’s friend’s sister’s son who happened to be a cardiologist.  A cardiologist!  That means he’s successful AND smart (they don’t always come hand in hand).  Plus, I’m Asian, flocking to doctors is almost second nature to me.

Had this been through a friend, I would’ve been 100% open to it.  But it wasn’t through a friend; it was through my mother.  Seriously, being set up by my mother – even if he is a cardiologist?!  I’ll admit, my social life wasn’t exactly beaming, but I didn’t think things were so bad that my mom had to get involved.  That’s like the ultimate act of desperation.  “OMG mom, why don’t you just give me a sign that says ‘loser’.  It’s so embarrassing.  It’s like telling everyone I can’t find someone to love me without your meddling.”  I went on and on.  And on about how lame it was for my mom to set me up.  And like that, she dropped it and I never have to tell my friends that we met through parental setup.  Yippee?

Fast forward 4 years and having grown up a bit, I realize I should’ve went through with the setup.  I mean, it’s really no different from asking my friends to set me up with someone, anyone (hmm, is that a sign of desperation?) they know who was single and looking.  It might even be better to be set up by my mom than my friends because if anyone has my best interest at heart, it’s probably momma.  But I let my pride get the better of me.  Who knows, I may have been married with one child and a minivan now.

It doesn’t sound very cool when everyone knows that your mom is on a mission to find you a man.  But, telling your family and friends that you met your boyfriend through wasn’t exactly conventional a few years ago either.  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you meet each other.  What matters is that you met each other and are happy!

Have you been set up by a family member before?  Did they work out?

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