Dear Neighbor: Stop Having Loud Sex

I thought this was an interesting article to share with everyone.  Caroline Cartwright from the UK and her husband have sex.  A lot of loud sex.  Every.  Single.  Night.  So much and so loud that she received an eight-week sentence, suspended for 12 month for violation of anti-social behavior, filed by her neighbors (including mailman and a mother taking her child to school).  Multiple complaints have been filed since 2008 for “disturbing her neighbors and preventing them from enjoying their homes”.

BTW, the couple has been married for 25 years so I just wanted to say kudos to them for still enjoying each others’ company.  Also, the couple is unemployed proving that when there’s nothing to do, people resort to having sex.

Anyways, the noise was so loud and horrifying that people describes it as “unnatural” and “murder”.  I also read that their sessions ran from 9pm to 3am in the morning.  If it indeed was that long, I can understand where the “murder” sounds came from; that must be painful!  Ms. Cartwright tried to accommodate her neighbors by having sex in the morning instead but still, her neighbors complained.  The judge said their behavior was “selfish” and Ms. Cartwright was given one last chance before facing 12 weeks in prison.

But of course it’s “selfish” when the couple is having great sex and others aren’t?!  While I find the story humorous, I can imagine being the neighbors and having chills run down my spin imagining the couple doing the dirty.

My last comment is: why is the husband not getting any part of the whipping?  Why is it only the woman who is getting disciplined?  Isn’t he equally as guilty?  Here’s the full article.

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6 Responses to “Dear Neighbor: Stop Having Loud Sex”
  1. YepThatHurt says:

    Wow. And I thought my neighbors were annoying! 🙂


  2. Wow.

    I just can’t decide whose side I’m on – but clearly the world should chip in and buy that couple a single family home!

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