Hong Kong… a few days of fun, relaxation and great food

I guess a question in my mind about Hong Kong is how long you should spend there?  I’ve been there 2 times now for a collective of about 3 weeks.  I still feel like there’s a ton to do there, but below is an itinerary for a 5 to 6-day trip in Hong Kong.

Day 1

If you arrive in the morning, then after checking into your hotel, you should head out to Lantau Island to see Giant Buddha.  It really is the sight to see.  I would recommend taking the ferry over to Mui Wo and then taking a bus up to the Giant Buddha.  On the way back, you should take the gondola lift, which on a clear day will provide you with a breath-taking view.  In the evening, head out for some all-you-can-eat hotpot at Lin Kee Hot Pot located in Causeaway bay.  If you are still up afterwards, then walk a short distance to get some Kong Kong desserts at Lucky Dessert in Time Square.

Day 2

On our first trip we stumbled upon this restaurant on Tai Wo Street in Wan Chai by random.  It serves up a delightful salted chicken dish which you should order as the noodle set.  This will come with fresh made soft rice noodles in a semi-sweet chicken broth and the salted chicken on the side (served at room temperature).  You can walk from here to Bowrington Road where you’ll find an outdoor food market serving up everything from fruits and vegetables to meat and fish.  Right across the block is where you will find Time Square where you can do a bit of shopping.  Then in the evening, catch the ferry from Central Ferry Pier to Lama Island (the one going to Sok Kwu Wan) to eat at Rainbow Seafood Restaurant.  Here, you get to look at all the live sea creatures swimming about and then pick the ones that fancy your appetite and get them served any which way you want.  Be sure to try the lobster!

Day 3

A side trip to Macau.  If you are already in the area, you should take a trip on the fast and efficient jet ferries run by Turbojet.  You need to bring your passport and try to avoid going on the weekends as the queues to get through immigration in Hong Kong are long, but the queues to get into Macau are even longer and you can spend several hours waiting in line like we did.  There’s a ton of different sights to see in Macau, but make sure you venture to the southern island to visit Fernando’s where you will enjoy fantastic Portuguese cuisine.  While you wait for a table, get a pot of sangria (which I will warn you is on the sweeter side, so ask for less sugar).  Here’s what to get when you do sit down: the garlic prawns (a tinge spicy and very flavorful), the sardines (probably the least favorite as it was a little bland and required olive oil and vinegar, but still worth the try), suckling pig (juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside and great in the stomach), roast chicken (very succulent and one of their signature dishes).  After your meal, get a taxi to Ruinas do Sao Paulo where you can check out what is left of Macau’s 17th century church.  From here, you can also visit the Fortaleza do Monte (an old fort) and then walk down to Largo de Senado which is an area with colonial buildings and traditional Portuguese pavement.  Now you will be back in the casino area where you can play to your heart’s delight

Day 4

If you are planning on spending Day 4 shopping because your better half is tired of this trekking and wants to do what Hong Kong is famous for, then start the day out at Mak’s Noodle.  They are famous for their beef brisket and beef tendons, both in a rich tasty soup, so be sure to put those away before you head out for your day of shopping in the Time Square area.  Once you are worn out, head over for a foot massage at Happy Foot located in Central.  After chilling out, you should head over to Tsim Sha Tsui (known as TST) to watch the “light show” where various buildings on the other side of the harbor are lit up in all sorts of different colors in the light and sound show.  Get there early (7.30pm) so you can get a spot.  Afterwards, you can grab a fine dining Sichuanese meal at Hutong where you can enjoy great food and a fantastic view as you sit on the 28th floor restaurant.  Be sure to make a reservation way in advance of going as you can’t just rock up and wait for a seating.

Day 5

If you are up for more shopping, you can literally spend all day at Harbour City.  There you will find over 700 shops so you can shop till you get bored or max out your credit cards.  If you are already here, you should stop by Super Star Seafood Restaurant and try the Roasted Duck with Sweet Wine which has a crispy sweet skin and tender meat.  One more foodie place you should try is Dai Pa Dong on Gough Street that serves up noodles with tomato sauce and toasted bread with “special” butter.  Both are hearty and absolutely delicious, but if you are one of those who are nervous to eat out of “street carts”, this may not be for you because the food is served up in chipped bowls and the hygiene may not be FDA approved.  You can’t really miss the Dai Pa Dong, there is generally a line and the tables are outside with some vinyl tarp covering over the top.  This also happens to be across the road from Kau Kee which is famous for its beef brisket.  If you happen to want to venture to Kau Kee, make sure you turn up early because they are usually sold out by early afternoon and you’ll have to wait till late afternoon before they will make a second batch of their special beef brisket.

There you have it… enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Hong Kong… a few days of fun, relaxation and great food”
  1. swera says:

    WOW!!! i wanna go there too . . . im saving this page for the near future 🙂

  2. pillowchats says:

    HK is really an amazing city. Great food and shopping at dirt cheap prices!

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