Wedding Invite: No Boxed Gifts, Please

Ah, yes. It’s been wedding season, and I have been digging deep into my wallet for those registered gifts.  While I am totally cool with the $800 Baccarat candle holder type presents from the Michael C. Fina registry, some people might think the presents are a bit extravagant.  (P.S. I won’t get the candle holder by myself, that present will be split 4 ways!)  But, for the first time, I received an invitation with these four words: “no boxed gifts, please.”

Basically, it means they would like it very much if you can give them money (I presume this would be in the form of a check as opposed to cash) for their wedding gift.  Yet, I noticed that those 4 words caused a lot of talk amongst our group of friends.  They either think it’s funny or greedy.  But, it’s neither; it’s a Chinese tradition – very much like the concept of the red envelope.

Especially in this economic environment, where a Baccarat candle holder is not going to put food on the table, more and more Asian couples are returning to their cultural roots to ask for $$ to jump-start their savings account.

What do you guys think?  Do you mind writing a check or do you still prefer the registry route?

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3 Responses to “Wedding Invite: No Boxed Gifts, Please”
  1. Lina says:

    I’d prefer this as a guest or as a bride, I think. As a guest, it’d take away the stress of trying to decide what to get them (what if you got the wrong thing?!) and actually having to get it. As a bride, it’d take away the stress of getting five of the same thing, having to return things, etc.

  2. Connie says:

    I find it incredibly tacky for the bridal couple to note that they didn’t want boxed gifts for their wedding! If they don’t want items for their gifts, I’m sure they wouldn’t have done a registry. I would prefer giving money anyway because it’s more practical for a newly married couple, especially with the way things are now, many couples have lived together before getting married and 5 more toasters isn’t something they would want, I’m sure. It is up to the guest to decide what he/she wants to gift the happy couple. Well, I don’t believe in donating in the name of the couple as the gift. Any item or monetary gift for the bride and groom is acceptable in my opinion. Also, my last thought is, if you want to give a bridal couple a boxed gift, to either bring it to a pre-wedding party (if you’re invited), to their house or send it. The fewer gifts to haul from the wedding venue the better.

  3. Seline says:

    I’ve actually never seen that on a wedding invitation before. I am not even sure if I would even know what that meant if I did see it but now I know 🙂 I think it’s fine. I really don’t care. It would save me the hassle of finding gifts on the registry that meet my budget.

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