The Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through…

Growing up in an Asian household, my mother would always advise me to master my culinary skills because “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” she would harp.  I might have been naive when I was younger but, no longer.  I now know that any woman who thinks the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is aiming ten inches too high.  It is indeed, the big boss down under who makes the calls.

A friend of mine was dating a super hot, super smart and super fun girl.  Basically nobody knew why she was dating him, including myself.  But eventually, he got “bored” of the sex and wanted that excitement and adrenaline of fresh new sex so he dumped her.  So there you have it.  The head might opine but doesn’t call the shots, the “head” does.

It seems to me that as women, we not only need to be presentably smoking hot but also need to be domesticated (someone they can bring home to mommy who has the same golden rule as my mom) in order to keep a man’s heart.  But wait, what do we get in return for accomplishing those two things?  A sweaty old man who will eventually go bald with a gut so big that he needs to wear his pants below that pouch.  Yuck.  Forget that, how about we come up with the way to a woman’s heart?  Or better yet, how about we all not try to desperately please the other and just be ourselves?

As for my friend, life and karma does have a way of coming back and biting us in the arse if we screw up.  And so it has for my friend who now realizes that sex gets boring with any girl in due time.  Oh well, too late.

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3 Responses to “The Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through…”
  1. clementleung17 says:

    Do you believe in Karma?

  2. pillowchats says:

    Karma is a funny little thing. I believe it exists but it’s not as black and white as we think it is. I think unless someone did something bad to intentionally hurt someone else and didn’t feel remorse about it, then yes, Karma will bite. A guy who steals money but never hurt anyone doing it just so he could feed his kids, probably not so much.

    Life is funny that way. We never know the story behind why someone did what they did and if they genuinely feel bad about it. It’s hard to judge.

  3. Juslitome says:

    If that’s the case, your friend is a dumbass, of the lowest scum order.

    Here is this hot ass girl, who has a smokin’ personality, and a great brain…and he decides to dump her?!

    What is wrong with the men in today’s world?

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