Restaurant Review – Degustation – NYC

Expensive but worth every penny – well, almost. Making reservations the day of will secure you the 11:00pm slot for sure but try walking in. We walked in at 8:30pm on a Saturday and were seated almost immediately in this very intimate open kitchen 18-seater charm. So definitely try your luck if you can’t get a reservation. If it falls through, a myriad of cool restaurants are at your disposal.

The food was delicious.With every bite, there is an explosion of various different flavors working so well together to give it that unique flavor truly worthy of being called ‘fusion’. Perhaps it’s the diminishing return (an economic term from my previous life) of the food but as the meal progressed, it lost its allure and relish. There is something to be said about NYC restaurants being more creative and fanciful with the appetizers than the main entrees but I still foster hope that restaurants with just as yummy entrees still exist. The waitresses were exceptional and very accommodating.If you go with a date, highly recommended, then I recommend you get the 5-course tasting menu which offers their best dishes; the 10-course would have been too much and many of the dishes were off the menu.If going with a date, tell the waitress that you would like to have two different 5-course tasting menus; that way, you guys can try almost the entire menu – yup, options are limited.

The 5-course with wine paring is quite costly at $95 dollars per person but the food alone is $55. The wine is definitely different and are mostly, if not all, Latin.Other items on the menu range from about $5 to $16, which sounds reasonable but portions are small.

Really good: Slow Poached Egg, Grilled Octopus with Pork Belly, Lamb
Excellent: Hamachi, Carmelized Torija (dessert)

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