Facebook and Twitter Makes Me Feel Loved

This is almost laughable.  According to this CNN article, people using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter actually experience increased levels of the chemical ocytocin.  This chemical is responsible for the warm, fuzzy, happy, satisfied and feel good emotion.  What is laughable is that this scientific research was conducted on all of one individual.  Really, CNN?  I had no idea budget cuts were so severe!

While the study is naive at best, I do agree with the study to some extent.  Social media platforms fulfill our need to be loved, sought after, and popular.  The feeling of being kept up-to-date with our friend’s life, seeing ourselves in party pictures, and knowing our friends care by commenting on our status updates or tweets gives us a sense of importance and popularity –> hence the increased levels of ocytocin.

While social networks definitely help people connect with one another, it also impair social skills.  Most people now prefer to make plans with friends or dates over text messaging.  Text messaging!  Why?  Because we are actually not as quick-witted in person or even over the phone.  When was the last time you waited a couple of hours before responding so you don’t look like you were anxiously waiting by the phone for their response?  And, between the time you received their text to when you respond, you are constantly crafting the perfect response only to delete it like, ten times before you have the perfect draft ready to go when enough time has lapsed?

I’m not going to lie; I have to upgrade my text messaging plan because 250 text messages a month just doesn’t cut it anymore!  I guess we are all just victims of our time.

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