Zvonice in Prague

The only restaurant of its kind in Central Europe (maybe even Europe), it is located inside a historic gothic tower with the original St. Mary’s Bell, which dates back to 1518! The atmosphere easily makes Zvonice the most aristocratically romantic dining experience I had to date. Located in the epicenter of Prague’s renowned “one hundred spires,” the restaurant preserves the characteristics, and values of the historic tower.
The restaurant itself occupies the top three floors of the tower, offering panoramic views of Prague, and views of Václavské and Senovážné squares. The closeness to the historical bell, coupled with the sensible, stylish, and cozy decor makes for an incredibly unique experience. The tables are strategically situated near the original dark wood beams, which add extra privacy, perfect for any date or romantic night out.

Stepping afoot the restaurant, it was love at first sight. The tasty and decorative food sealed the love with a happy and satisfied stomach. The cuisine is traditional Czech and Old Bohemian. They have a very extensive menu, so chances are they will have whatever your stomach fancies. I didn’t have much of an appetite initially, but the rich flavors and appealing presentation was too phenomenal to pass by. They started the meal with a complementary shrimp salad. WOW, it was amazing. I followed up with the Potato Soup, which was absolutely delicious – a genuine rendition of the classic potato soup, rich in flavor in a creamy broth. We also ordered the prosciutto. Skip it!

Although their specialty is the Marinated Sirloin Fillet of Wild Boar, having had pork the entire day, we opted for the Venison Sirloin on Thyme Glaze. It was spectacular. The meat was cooked to perfection; it was juicy, very tender, and unlike all the other Czech meals, this was portioned well: not too big, and not too small, but just enough to leave you wanting more. There is however, a slight gamy taste that I quite enjoyed. For dessert, we had the fruit sorbet. Though simple, it was brought to life with a slight minty taste.

By NYC standards, this was an average priced meal, but by Czech standards, this was expensive. To put it in perspective, a decent Czech meal at a pub would cost approximately $25 for four people. A meal at Zvonice cost us approximately $125 for two people. Regardless of the price, we encourage you to try it; it is definitely worth the experience.

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