Life Doesn’t Wait For Your Emancipation

I saw the movie “Up In The Air” one weekend, a while back.  After all the hype, I did go into the theatre with high expectations.  The witty exchanges between Clooney, Farmiga, and Hendrick and the directional guidance from Reitman made this otherwise cliche storyline palatable.  However, what distinguished this movie from the rest was the un-disneyfying twist to the plot.  Without spoiling the movie for everyone, the storyline is about a suave middle-aged man whose passion in life is flying to accumulate 10 million miles to join the ultra-exclusive American Airlines Diamond Club (or something like that).  The unsurprising plot is that he realizes there are more important things in life than living alone, and collecting miles that can’t pull the blanket up for you at night, make you chicken noodle soup for when you become a vulnerable, needy boy when you are sick, or even to give you a huge just because.

As we have all grown up watching Disney, it has given us the delusion that everything will work out in the end; good prevails evil, prince charming will rescue us, happily ever afters, etc.  It becomes that much more cruel when reality doesn’t just slap you in the  face; it comes full force like an atomic bomb detonating in front of you.  When you finally realize that what’s most important is not money, career or miles, but a partner with whom you can laugh, smile, frown, enjoy, endure and walk the walks of life, it may be too late.  The twist in the movie taps our innermost thoughts, fears, and questions about that very delusion.

You can’t mess around your whole life and expect that things will work out in the end.  I am going to use a line from the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”: what happens to lead characters in movies are “the exception and we’re not the exception; we’re the rule”.  Exception exist, but rarely, and we cannot expect to be the exception.  When you give up something or someone, you gave it up.  Chances are, you are not going to be that person who gets a second chance.  Life unfortunately for you, but fortunately for the one you left behind, moves on.  It doesn’t sit around waiting for your emancipation


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