Ice Climbing – A Winter Adventure

Looking for something to do in the winter? Looking for a bit of excitement and some outdoor exercise? Looking to see some amazing scenery?

Well, you should try out ice climbing. Some people think this is an activity reserved for crazy athletic guys who want to prove something to each other. But, in fact, it is a great activity for couples to experience the scenic wintery outdoors and push themselves to the top (literally and metaphorically).

There’s a number of different ice climbing schools you can go to, but we did our climbing through Eastern Mountain Sports Climbing School because of the convenience of a location right outside Manhattan (about a 90 minute drive). There are several different pricing to go on, but we would highly recommend that you rope in another couple and do a private lesson. Private lessons (with Eastern Mounting Sports Climbing School) have a maximum of four people which works out to be the most cost effective and fun way to do it because you aren’t on someone else’s schedule. And more importantly, having 4 people allows you some “down” time which comes in handy when you feel like you can’t lift your arms anymore.

Our guides were fantastic (we did 2 private groups of 3 people) and lead us to Kaaterskill Falls (apparently the highest waterfall in New York). From the pictures above, you can definitely appreciate the awe inspiring scenic wilderness of the outdoors in the winter.

Remember to dress warmly in layers because during the climb you’ll be heating up and you may get warm while hiking into your location for the climb, but when you stand around or are the belay for the climber, you will be cold and need extra warm layers. Also, be sure to get some hand warmers from the climbing school before you head out. These are a nice little treat that will come in handy later in the day when you hands may get cold.

Now all you have to do is book your session!


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