How much do you spend on your significant other?

With the holidays quickly approaching, coupled with a  recent incident where my friend purchased an extremely expensive present for his girlfriend to celebrate their 6 month anniversary, the question of how much do you spend on your partner came to mind.  There are two reasons why this is important.

The first is the current economy.  With so many people still unemployed or recently employed and trying to rebuild their financial strength, spending money is a highly contemplated issue.  The second is how you set precedent for future gift giving holidays.  If you give someone a $100 gift today, will they be disappointed with a $50 gift tomorrow or the day after?

I think the price depends on how much you can afford and how long you have been dating.  It never matters how expensive the gift is, but if you spend what you can out of your heart, that is ALL that matters.  Generally, if you spend too much on the first gift, it can come across to some people as you trying to or thinking you are able to buy their love.  It’s almost like you are displaying your wealth; not very classy.  Another thing about spending too much on a first gift is that they may think you are smothering them.  Generally, I think $50 for a first gift is acceptable.  It also gives you a chance to be creative and see how far you can stretch a dollar.

Once you are established as a couple, you can spend as you see fit.  You know the person and what type of present they expect.  At that point, what you spend on them is less of a formality and more of an expression of your appreciation for the other person.  Some people will stick to the $50 gifts because that’s all they can afford while others increase their budget substantially.  It’s really what fits the couples’ needs.


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