Gifts For The Boyfriend’s Mom

Shopping for your boyfriend may be hard, but shopping for your boyfriend’s mom is nearly impossible. Normally, I do not advocate getting them a present unless you are meeting them for a first time, they are inviting you to their home for the first time, or you have already met them and it’s their birthday or anniversary.

Here is a list of things I think will make great gifts for a great first impression – without looking like you are sucking up (some parents hate that).  Hopefully, this will put you on her good side.

  1. A spa treatment. Who can’t appreciate a day of pampering at the spa? A simple massage goes a long way. If the spa route is too pricey, consider some hand lotions and soaps. Also ask your boyfriend for help with the type of scent she likes
  2. A great book – ask your boyfriend for some help on her favorite authors, favorite genre, etc.
  3. Does she love and live in the kitchen? Consider some artisan gourmet food gifts. Herbs, jams, jellies, coffee beans, or nuts. To make it even more special, give her something she cannot get in her hometown or something that is a specialty in your hometown, i.e.: Wisconsin cheese. Presentation is key when it comes to things that may seem cheap. Get a really nice tall jar, fill it up with coffee beans, etc. and tie a nice bow to dress it up
  4. On the same thought as the coffee beans, I like to buy traditional Chinese tea and tea sets. It’s the Asian in me
  5. Many elders love to garden. A book on gardening, some gardening gloves, or a hat she can wear when she’s out in the sun are all good options.  Buy her some herb seeds for her herb garden
  6. Take her or the family out to their favorite restaurant for playing host
  7. Get her a nice pashmina or silk wrap. Get one that is elegant, and versatile. Especially suitable for the winter
  8. Chocolates – health permitting. Not the typical cheap stuff, but from a nice chocolatier. It’s also something she can share with the rest of the family and you. Some chocolatiers also sell hot cocoa mixes in a very nice and presentable package. These are great gifts for Christmas/wintertime
  9. Wine. Everyone loves a bottle of wine. Be careful though, if they are wine connoisseurs, then make sure you choose a good bottle so you can impress them
  10. A very good option for the holidays is Christmas ornaments. Get some nice hand-blown glass ornaments for the Christmas tree. A lot of families also keep these as heirloom where they pass it down from one generation to the next. If you marry into the family, this can be a huge tradition
  11. If his parents are visiting you, then take them out to dinner or a show that they cannot catch at their hometown
  12. If you want to go fancy, nice candlestick holders. Ask your boyfriend if they currently have a set or not

With all of these gifts, it is important to discuss it with your boyfriend.  Don’t surprise him and his mother on the same day.  He can be of great assistance.  Also, remember that it’s not the pricetag that matters to parents; it’s the thought that counts the most.  Don’t forget to get dad something too.

What are some of your ideas?

2 Responses to “Gifts For The Boyfriend’s Mom”
  1. Connie says:

    Those are nice ideas you listed 🙂 We’re married now, so buying gifts for the mother-in-law is especially difficult! When we were just boyfriend and girlfriend, I bought her little knickknacks and stuff, she loves Victoria dècor, anything with roses and cherubs. I gave her wreaths, candles, etc. She also liked country barn decorations for her kitchen. For Mother’s Day 2 years ago, we took her to see Jersey Boys when it was here in Los Angeles. Last birthday we gave her a handmade custom rug, but luckily for me, it was just sitting around here at work as a remnant (we do custom rugs and carpets) and got a great deal on it! I paid pennies on the dollar, but she loves it. And I’m not telling her how little we paid! Sometimes we give her practical things, she complained that she was low on plastic food storage containers and that her light vacuum (electric broom type) was failing, so we bought new ones to replace the old ones.

    • pillowchats says:

      Thanks Connie. You’re right, it gets tougher and tough every year because you don’t want to get the same thing you got them a few years ago. And really, what can you get them that they couldn’t get themselves anyway, right?

      I run into the same problem for my boyfriend. I guess I just resort to getting him new tech stuff. There’s never a shortage of that stuff but it’s not really “personal” or unique by any means.

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