Splitting The Holidays

It’s the holiday season again and that means one thing for those who are in a serious relationship, engaged, or married – how to divide your time between your and your significant other’s family.  This is a huge contested discussion.  Celebrating is replaced with stressing.  Most couples will switch off on between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That is, the couple will go to the girl’s family for Thanksgiving, the guy’s family for Christmas and vice versa the following year.  This seems like the most logical way to handle the situation, but are there other ways we can consider.  Here are a few ideas for thought.

  1. Go your separate ways during the holidays.  Although an option, it is not recommended unless you absolutely have to.  This is especially a no-no for those who have problems with the in-laws, or girlfriend/boyfriend’s parents. You need to let people know you are serious through united efforts.  It lets people know that you are solid, and they need to accept it.
  2. Start your own holiday tradition.  What better way to strengthen your relationship than to create more happy memories together?  It will be a lot of fun to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, decorate the Christmas tree, and establish your own opening Christmas present tradition!  If you are not confident with your ability to host a holiday party, then practice on your international friends who don’t have a place to go.  That way, neither your parent or his can fault you for not making it to their party.
  3. A friend’s boyfriend’s family does this.  Families grow and spread, and if everyone (your siblings, your cousins, etc.) is using the rotating system, the problem is that you will never be able to see the same people every other Thanksgiving or Christmas.  One way to resolve this is to have one really big family gathering.  Every year, a different family will be in charge (or the same family, whatever works for people) of arranging a huge hundred person gathering.  Book a huge hall, caterer and all the extended family can gather in one spot.  Of course, this may get expensive, especially if you consider room and board, but nothing beats seeing family.

As always, communication is key.  Before acting on anything, it is always a good idea to discuss it with your partner.  Who knows, they may have a brilliant suggestion.  How do you partition your holiday season?  Do you know of other creative ways to split your time?ou know of other creative ways to split your time?


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