Would You Take A Premarital Genetic Compatibility Test?

My boyfriend is a huge science nerd (part of the reason I love him, I guess) and has introduced me to reading and watching certain science publications and shows. Some of these featured babies born with abnormalities (multiple limbs, extreme facial hair, etc.) that made me wonder if I would take a premarital genetic test to see if my boyfriend and I are genetically compatible. It may not be able to tell us if our children will definitely have certain genetic diseases from our recessive gene pool, but it will give insight on the probability of that being an issue.

There is something to be said about taking these tests. If you knew there was a high likelihood of your baby being born with Down Syndrome or something equally as daunting on their lives, would you still want to try for a baby with your genetically incompatible partner?

My personal opinion is that marriage is about more than just having children together. Sure, it’s a huge part of being and starting a family, but an adopted son/daughter is not any less of one just because they are not biological. I do, however, believe in genetic compatibility testing – after marriage when my husband and I want to start a family; I would love my son/daughter (biological or otherwise) too much to put them through a life of pain and suffering if I had the choice. Taking the test in advance of marriage would only make you wonder if marrying that person is the right decision whereas without the test results, that doubt would never have crossed your mind – at least not for that reason.

What do you think? Would you take a genetic compatibility test? How do you think this will affect your decision to marry someone? Should you take them before or after you get married? How would this affect your relationship if you found out something undesirable?


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