Txikito…Basque Food – NYC

With a name like Txikito, you would envision a quaint sushi joint, instead, you get a quaint (literally, “hole-in-the-wall”, because there were no doors) Basque tapas bar. The open yet snug restaurant is surrounded by rough clapboard, and furnished with tiny plywood tables and chairs. The staff was warm, and very informative. Our waitress was wonderful, attentive, and knowledgeable. By far, some of the best service I’ve had in New York.

The menu was full of interesting dishes with unique ingredients and descriptions that will leave you salivating, and mulling over what you should order… whether it’s the arraultza, morcilla, txipiron “encebollado”, the trout, and the crispy pork belly? (the last two doesn’t have a special Basque name because they were specials and I can’t recall the Basque name).

The arraultza has sofrito, chorizo and a quail egg on top of a piece of bread. It was warm and delicious. The quail egg added was the perfect topping to neutralize the saltiness of the chorizo. The morcilla, a.k.a. crispy thin blood sausages, was good, but typical of what you can get elsewhere. The txipiron “encebollado” was squid shredded to about the thickness of spaghetti, over a creamy white sauce. It tasted like a very light pasta. The pork belly was by far my favorite. The skin was crispy, while the meat was tender and juicy. My only complaint was that it was too salty.

I personally loved the food, but the girlfriend, who is on a perpetual diet, thought the food was too oily and salty. She is not wrong in her description, but for me, the food was just right. I do admire the fact that our waitress actually told the chef that we thought the food was too salty because it was clear that they take constructive criticism as opposed to other chefs who are too good to listen to comments about their food.

So if you are looking for a cozy place where you want to have some more flavorful food (which your girlfriend may claim is too oily or salty), but has great service check out Txikito.


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