Tapas At Euzkadi – NYC

I went to this tapas place that serves up Basque cuisine for the first time about 18 months ago. I was there with a bunch of buddies and had a thoroughly fantastic time with mouthwatering food and great sangria.With these memories, I decided to venture back a few weeks ago with my better half.

It is definitely a small, intimate setting with a romantic ambience that is perfect for a date. But, the restaurant makes the most of the available space, so you should be aware that it will be a tight squeeze to get in and out of your seat (especially, if you happen to be sitting along the benches) and you will be nudging elbow to elbow with other guests.

We enjoyed a variety of the tapas, while sipping on the freshly made sangria that has a good balance of sweetness and sourness. Our favorite tapas were the Patatas Bravas (soft on the inside, crispy on the outside and layered with a creamy sauce), Chorizo al Oporto (chorizo with red onions and port wine which unlike most chorizo that is often salty, this dish had a sweetness to it), and shrimp dish that was perfectly cooked in a light sauce that preserved the sweet juice of the shrimp.

What we didn’t enjoy was the Pulpo a la Brasa (grilled octopus with potatoes which happened to be overcooked) and scallop dish which was also overcooked. Strangely enough, dessert which is generally good at most places, can be given a miss with the pear being too sweet and the flan having a bitter finish.

The second time was not as good as the first, but all in all, a fun date place where you can grab some good sangria and a light meal before heading out to town in the East Village.


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