Why He’s Just Not That Into You

Remember when your girl friends would always ask you why they can’t get or keep a boyfriend? And remember how you would always answer “I don’t know,” but you secretly do and are just too nice to say what’s really wrong with her? While I am a girl, I am pretty good at grilling the guys so here’s the list of common girl-flaws I gathered from them. The list is in no particular order.

  1. You are too loud and obnoxious. You have no awareness of how you make other people feel and you lack social grace. By this I mean, you meet someone for the first time, and immediately interrogate them on personal issues which makes them uncomfortable
  2. You are condescending, think you are smarter than you really are, and thereby embarrass him in front of all his friends. This is a pretty big one apparently. They don’t ask that you be conforming. They actually like it when you have your own opinion but to assert your “dominance” in a conversation by putting other people and him down is a huge no-no. Even though it may be the case, he doesn’t want his friends to know that you have his balls in your palm
  3. A hard one to admit to: he doesn’t want to get you in the sack. If he is not interested in you sexually, but you are a cool person, your only fighting chance is to start out as friends and hope something grows out of that. Otherwise, he won’t bother with you. He might go on a date with you to pass the time, but he will bounce as soon as someone he does want to get in the sack comes along
  4. He finds you insecure, needy and demanding. They believe that if you are insecure about yourself or your relationship then you will nag them, and will need constant reassurance. That will require him to take time away from things he wants to do to cater to your needy ways, which means you are too high maintenace for him
  5. You are not the brightest crayon in the box. This is especially true for men who are intelligent, educated, successful and powerful. If you are not someone they can have meaningful conservations with, then you are not a likely candidate for long-term coupledom. If however, you are ridiculously hot, so ridiculously hot that people don’t expect you to be intelligent (read, trophy girlfriend), the guys will take their hats off to the buddy who scored you
  6. You smoke or still do drugs. Experimenting is OK if you are still in high school or college, but anything beyond that is considered lame. While the French made smoking hip in the past, they too have joined the cause in banning smoking in public areas. Just like how blogging and going green is the “it” thing, so is not smoking
  7. You are self-absorbed. “Going on a date and having the entire conversation flowing one way with each sentence starting with ‘I…’ is too much. I already know what a relationship with someone like that would be like…it would all be about her and her needs. She doesn’t need a boyfriend, she needs a dog”
  8. The obvious reason: you are a man-hater with a lot of baggage.  Being a feminist is one thing, but hating men in general makes it difficult to cultivate a relationship because you already lack trust

Somehow, I don’t think this is an exhaustive list.  Can you think of other reasons?

One Response to “Why He’s Just Not That Into You”
  1. Juslitome says:

    #8 is moi. So me.

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