International Chinese Culinary Competition in NYC

If you think I am all about food, you are probably right.  This week, I want to make everyone aware of the International Chinese Culinary Competition.  It is an annual competition organized by an independent, nonprofit TV network serving the global Chinese communities (they are the same people who bring you the Chinese New Year Splendor at Radio City Music Hall.)

The competition is dedicated to reviving the traditional Chinese culinary techniques and promote the exquisite traditional culinary skills.  The candidates will compete in 5 categories each representing a region in China known for it’s cuisine: Cantonese, Huaiyang, Sichuan, Shandong, and other Chinese cuisines.

The prelims for candidates in Asia-Pac already took place in July with the prelims for North America this coming September 20 at the Light House in Chelsea (NYC).  The finals will take place on September 21.

You can purchase tickets for the prelim competition or the final competition, tasting the same dishes judges taste.  Alternatively, you can also purchase tickets to the Award Ceremony Banquet on September 22, also at the Lighthouse in Chelsea, where you can sample 10 dishes prepared by the gold, silver, and bronze medalists.  Tickets are on the expensive side, but if this is anything like what I have seen in the past on TV, then this will be quite an amazing event well worth the price tag.  I hope to make it to the event, and I hope you will too.

For more information, check out their official site.


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