The Girlfriend Keeper – Saving Relationships $1 At A Time

I can understand that we are all circumscribed by time… so we try to become more efficient by inventing the… Girlfriend Keeper for the iPhone app?  Really?  For those who don’t know, the Girlfriend Keeper is an automated system that sends text messages or emails to your girlfriend based on specific criteria you set.  Criteria that include seriousness of relationship, anniversary date, eye color, frequency of contact, etc.  Once you set it up, it will send out personal-like messages to your girlfriend based on the settings you inputted.  If she writes back, it will send an email back to you so you can respond with a real message, one from you, and not a computer.  The application also keeps a log of all the exchanges that were had so there wouldn’t be any awkward moments.

My first thought was that it was hilarious.  Once the “ha-ha” moment passed, I transitioned to raising hell.  Have we stoop so low and has love become such a depressing non-priority that we are outsourcing communication with loved ones?  Human interaction transitioned from face-to-face, to over the phone, to through the computer screen, to texting, and now has been reduced to non-communicating communication?  If you don’t have time, maybe you should just consider not “wasting” time on a girlfriend.

I am not sure how other girls feel about this, but I would throw the biggest tantrum if I found out my boyfriend was writing to me through an automated system.  Any guy who thinks they can get away with this is so imbecilic they should get dumped.  It would only be a matter of time before the girl figures out this whole conspiracy or gets creeped out by the “did you know we started dating 37 days and 8 hours ago?” countdowns .  As a matter of fact, I think I would be insulted if my boyfriend didn’t put more effort into conjuring a more clever way to deceive me; one that won’t be easily exposed.

The next version of this application would apparently allow the user to register multiple relationships…how romantic.  To further underestimate the fulcrum to a successful relationship, they are coming out with a Boyfriend Keeper.  Great, in a matter of time, we might be able to outsource going on the actual dates too.

So is it saving relationships $1 at a time, or destroying relationships $1 at a time?


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